Monthly Archives: September 2020

Africa Mining Summit (AMS2020)

On 16 September 2020, Fiona Perrot-Humphrey chaired a panel on Financing Mining Projects in Africa at the Africa Mining Summit 2020.

The session explored:
What makes a project financeable in Africa today? What are the roles of Private Equity, Public Listing, Banking and Development Institutions to stimulate investment? What commodities and/or project types are likely deemed most attractive in 2020 and the next decade? What other factors are financiers considering as part of the investment decision? 

  • How is the seismic wave of ESG affecting mining finance in Africa?
  • Can some commodities be of such special interest to investors that they override political risk perceptions?
  • Is Africa looking more heavily to China for funding, or is there a resurgence of interest from the Western nations?
  • The range of financing instruments available, and their relevance in different jurisdictions/ commodities?